Spirituality: Our Stairway to Transformation!

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So what does Spirituality mean to you? You can learn quite a bit about an individual by asking this question. As a Mind Body Soul coach, Intuitive and Healer, I often ask my students and clients this very powerful question.

I have been on the Spiritual path for most of my adult life. A big part of Spirituality for me was the subject of TRUST. Learning how to trust my heart and especially my SOUL voice has literally saved my life. You could say I am a recovering control freak. Perhaps even the Founder of Control Freaks Anonymous, Ha. Thinking I could control everything around me with the illusion it would make me feel safe and prevent me from getting my heart broken by only letting people in a wee bit.  I would barricade my heart, put a wall up and keep people at a distance. What I found was that this behavior actually created the exact outcome I was so desperately trying to avoid.

Exactly what I didn’t want!

My self -fulfilling prophecy, that everyone I got close to eventually leaves and that I couldn’t and shouldn’t trust anyone, actually came true.  At the time I didn’t understand why, what I least wanted and was most terrified of, was what I often got over and over again.

Can you relate?

My extensive pain and suffering motivated me to explore how the mind works and I became obsessed with learning about frequency, vibration, and the laws of attraction and discovered that what we think -we actually create. What we resist persists and where our thoughts go, our energy flows!

So I came to the conclusion that, what you think about you attract. Pretty sure this is not a brand new concept to you.

Are you ready to explore this?

Ok grab a pen and a piece of paper and ask yourself a few questions.

  1. ‘What do I want to manifest, create or attract? Pick a specific part of your life that’s not serving you at the moment. Maybe it’s your career, your partner, or your health? Now do some automatic writing on this area of your life and focus on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.

This may take some time, don’t rush.

Once you become laser clear on what you DO want.

Ask yourself.

  1. ‘Am I indeed worthy of this?” Often our limiting beliefs about what is possible or what we deserve are the obstacles to us not attracting our hearts desires.

Are you still with me?

Many years ago I attended a life changing weekend called the Landmark Forum and one of my aha’s from the training was this.

  1. You know, what you know
  2. You know what you don’t know


  1. You don’t know – what you don’t know.

Meaning the work to be uncovered is in your blind spot area. For example you’re driving down the highway about to move to the left lane, you look left, no car, start to pull into the lane and HONK a car appears. Damn, where did that car come from? Bam just like that shift happens.  Creating awareness around your blind spots reveals important information as to how your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors have been holding you back. This is another important facet to the laws of Spirituality.

So to circle back to the original question, “What does spirituality mean to me?” It is not a simple answer, in fact it has many creative facets to it. Overall I might say being spiritual is our connection to source, to our higher self (that part of us that is all loving, all knowing and non- judging). It also has to do with our willingness to grow and acknowledge that we play a role in all aspects of our life, that we are a mirror for each person, animal or experience that we encounter in the Universe.  We are here to learn, teach, have fun, experience joy and to realize that each experience we have, the good, the  bad, or ugly is full of juicy things to explore which creates our stairway to growth, healing and ultimately transformation.

So if you are looking for a coach, a mentor, someone you can trust to work with you on your journey to reveal those hidden blocks that are keeping you from living the life your soul has intended you to live, let’s chat!

It is your birthright to live a life of unbridled freedom and passion and to live a life you truly love!

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Much Love to you on your Kick Ass Journey!

Victoria Haffer

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