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“I like to think all things happen for a reason and that certain people walk into our lives when you least expect it but for all the right reasons. That is the case of Victoria and myself, or with my horse Hemingway to be more specific. You see Hemingway is a Mustang Horse from the northern California herd “Three Sisters”. He was caught at the age of one and was kept in a holding facility for two years. These holding facilities are small, tight, and cramped and they keep the corrals over packed with horses. While in holding, Hemingway was beat up by other horses and abused and hit with 2×4’s when he got to close to fence. But against all odds he survived and maintained his kind eye. I rescued Hemingway last year and it has been an amazing learning opportunity and I was glad to share that opportunity with Victoria. She arrived at the farm one day, a complete stranger, with the biggest smile and open arms, literally! She gave hugs to everyone she met and was eager to be shown around. Victoria was to start working with several of the horses using her knowledge of energy and cranio-sacral work to help keep them in great athletic shape. I had Victoria start with Hemingway. I knew he would let me know whether what she was doing was the real deal and boy did he ever! He responded almost instantly and opened his line of trust to her (he usually will shy away from strangers and snort in disapproval). He was calm and was showing signs of relaxation. I was so excited to see him connect with her on such a level and we continue these meetings each Monday with greater results. The horses love her warm, calming energy and show signs of improvement and relaxation after each of her visits. Hemingway nickers each time she comes into the barn. I highly recommend her services to anyone in need. I am glad to have her helping me with the horses preventative care and love the positive energy that flows through her. It’s hard not to be in a great mood with her around.”

Emily C, Barn Manager, Equine Massage Therapist

I am a magnificent, glorious,and unique work in progress !! 

I couldn’t have said that a year and a half ago with comfort and believably. Now after the BEST decision hiring Victoria as my life coach I can wholeheartedly say that I am changed for my best and highest good. I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done it without her guidance ! I put on my big girl pants and faced my fears and allowed myself to TRUST and heal ! Her insight is invaluable,and the techniques and information I have learned allow me to more calmly and lovingly handle life’s ups and downs.  The Mind Body Matrix and emotional coding techniques are amazing in what they can do to help you heal and move on. The things you learn and correlate about the way your mind, body , and soul connections are fascinating, and have helped me both personally and professionally. I would recommend that any individual or company hire this beautiful, knowledgeable woman to guide you to get out of your own way and heal ! I am so very, very grateful I did !!!     

#PresentMoment      #NoMoreFuturejecting

Beth P, Interior Decorator

When I first met Victoria there were several aspects of my day to day life that I was having trouble with. Struggling with work, questioning my self-worth and lacking confidence in my choices were just a few of the highlights. As bad as this sounds, I had developed several ways to mask these weaknesses in order to push through week after week.

Through a unique discovery process, instituted over the course of several meetings, Victoria gently lead me down a path to heal parts of myself that were hurting. Each step along the way, I found the roots of where my weaknesses were coming from, trained myself to deliver less focus to those areas and recognize how to manage them moving forward.

In one word, empowerment! Once I began incorporating these techniques learned from Victoria, my ability to remain in the present moment and succeed was easy. I no longer needed to “deal” with things that popped up. It became a recognition of past limitations that no longer served me.

I would go beyond recommending her program. Instead, I would say it is a prerequisite to anyone who wishes to increase the velocity of their own success. If there was one thing you choose to invest in, make it yourself!

Josh L, Business Development Manager

You have found her, the best coach ever!! She has a gift for de stressing, calming, helping us learn to control our monkey mind, leading us to find the balance we are all searching for. She is so smart,intuitive, caring and a superb listener and communicator. She is inspirational! Mind, body, soul she is wonderful! I can not say enough for all that she has helped me to achieve and conquer. Xoxo Thank you, Victoria!

Joan Cutter, Professional Tennis Instructor and Coach

The Body Matrix Yoga Teacher Training was an amazing growth experience for me. Victoria’s awareness of body mechanics and the anatomy of yoga is exceptional and has helped me in creating my sequences. She creates a loving community of support through the training and I made wonderful lasting friendships. The training also helped me to set personal goals and achieve them while turning my fear into excitement. I am very grateful for the invaluable tools that I gained through the training as a yogi, teacher, and healer.

Bonnie Myah Wallace, MT-BC, RYT 200 hr, Creator of Renew Body Sequence (TM)

Victoria has helped me and my horses come closer together. Especially my little mini mare Priscilla. Her and I get along so much better now that I have a better understanding of her feelings through our sessions. She’s also helped me trust more in my gelding Argus which has opened me up to a new way of training and communication with my horse that I hadn’t thought about before. I truly recommend her if you want a deeper more meaningful relationship with your four legged partner.

Rossy M , Coaching with Horses Client

Working with Victoria has been such a blessing to me! When we first started working together I was feeling so stuck and defeated in my career that I was considering quitting a path that I’d previously loved. 

During our time together she’s helped me reconnect with my passion and clarify the direction I want to take. As challenges arise she expertly and compassionately supports me in navigating them and then reminds me to celebrate my accomplishments.  

I’m feeling re-energized and excited about my work again and I’m so thankful I decided to hire her instead of giving up so that I can continue to share my work with the world.

If you’re considering working with Victoria, DO IT!! You have so much to gain 🙂

Let the Transformation begin!

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