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A Sample of Victoria’s Workshops

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Take the Leap: A Radical Journey to falling madly in love with yourself through the art of letting go.

In this 21-day journey of radical self-acceptance and letting go,I will lead you across the bridge to true FREEDOM!

Are you sick and tired of making promises to yourself and then breaking them?

Do you feel like life is happening to you and not for you?

Are you constantly being triggered and done with letting your emotions run your life?

Do you often use food, alcohol or shopping to fill a void?

Are you looking to make a change but not sure the next step to take?

If you answered HELL YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you!



Starts January 2017

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Transformational Movement Therapy based on the Body Matrix® Yoga and Fitness program.

A Five Day Immersion

Dates: September 18th – September 23rd, 2016       Location: Omega Institute, Rhineback, NY

Postural and muscular imbalances are common in today’s world. They often stem from habitual movements and a lack of body awareness, and are the cause of many physical problems—including kyphosis, excessive lumbar lordosis, TMJ, back and neck pain, SI conditions, and more.

Body Matrix® combines yoga, pilates, functional fitness while addressing common postural misalignments by releasing tight fascial adhesions through ball rolling. With much emphasis on breath awareness, core strength, balance training, and functional movement. It promotes deep healing while developing the skills and intuition needed to bring ourselves back into true balance.

Through Body Matrix sessions, partner work, discussion, and practice teaching, we learn Body Matrix practices and principles, including how to:

  • Identify postural patterns
  • Work with imbalances in muscle pairs
  • Strengthen or stretch the fascia as necessary
  • Incorporate deep core strengthening
  • Master energy using the breath and the bandhas
  • Use PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching
  • Modify a class for any level

This program is designed for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, body workers, and fitness professionals looking for a transformational movement therapy for their students and clients.

Investment only: $395  To register:

The Body Matrix 21 Day Mind Body Detox Soul Awakening Program 2016

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Wishing to make peace with your anxious mind and uncover self
sabotaging behaviors getting in the way of your health and happiness?
Looking to take back your power and reclaim your place in the world?
Wanting to fear less and trust more?
Join Victoria on a 21 day mind, body and soul exploration and learn:
• Powerful tools to make peace with negative self talk and
tame the inner gremlin
• To create delicious and easy to prepare meals that satisfy,
heal and energize
• Strategies for preventing chronic pain and stress in the body
• Powerful techniques to find peace in a world of chaos and
constant doing
• 8 secrets to boosting your metabolism and lose weight easily
• How to break your sugar addiction
Victoria Haffer, M.S., has over 30 years experience
empowering and inspiring Yogis to achieve optimal
wellness and create a life they love!

Providence, RI
Limited to 8 people. Investment ONLY $179.

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Essential Oils 101

For you, your family and your pets

Some of the Best Home Remedies

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Investment: $30, Pre-pay by December 5th  for $25

Oils are an all natural, highly effective remedy to maintain optimal health and wellness for you, your family and your pets.

Information Covered: Find out which oils are safe to use, the easy to use methods for essential oils, the benefits for Mind, Body and Soul, how to use essential oils as non-toxic cleaning products.

Location: Providence, RI

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Find Liberation and Bliss through Meditation and Community

Group Meditation and Mantra.


Meets 2nd Sunday of each month

Come experience your own inner bliss and healing through the powerful tools of mantra, meditation pranayama and community.

Information Covered: Group meditation and mantra with discussion on various styles and traditions of meditation. Open Discussion of various spiritual topics related to our common struggles we experience in our business, life and relationships on a daily basis.

Location: Federal Hill, Providence

Email Victoria to register.

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Fascia Release 1 Day Ball Rolling Training

Got chronic pain? Got stress?

Isn’t it time you got on the ball?!


Investment: $159

Learn simple and easy to use techniques to reduce chronic pain, muscular tension, improve posture and enhance your sport or performance

Information Covered: Proper placement of balls, benefits/ contraindications of, rolling techniques, optimal frequency, intensity and time to roll. Common postural imbalances will be addressed along with laptop neck, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, IT band and piriformis syndrome.

*Please wear form-fitting clothing for bony landmark assessment and bring vegetarian food.

Location: Yoga At The Ashram Millis, Ma

To register:

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Level 1 REIKI workshop with Victoria

Sunday Feb 21st 2016
12:30 – 7:00 pm

Reiki is a healing energy that uses Universal Life Force to balance energy for optimal healing and well-being of Body, Mind and Soul.

Learn the essence of Reiki I, receive attunements, and practice Reiki. You will leave class fully trained and certified to perform and enjoy the benefits of Reiki for yourself or share with others and animals.

There are many Benefits of Reiki including: reduction of stress, aides in relaxation, helps reduce pain, activates the body’s natural healing abilities, supports and strengthens the immune system, opens intuition channels and assists the body in unblocking stuck energy.

Class will cover: History of Reiki, fundamental principles, how Reiki works, standard Reiki session, hand positions, Reiki benefits and self Reiki.

Join Reiki Master, Victoria Haffer, for this 1 day workshop where you will experience the wonders of Reiki.
Program Investment: $155
Register online:
Space is limited to 10 students.  Workshop held at: Heart in Hand Massage
422 Post Rd, Warwick, RI


Intro to Transformational Movement Therapy


What would happen if more people were super mindful of their posture and breath in daily life and intuitively knew how to bring themselves back into balance with the blink of an eye?

Sunday Feb 28th, 2016 1:00 – 4:00pm

Investment: $40

Vinyasa + Functional Fitness + Therapeutic = Transformational Movement Therapy

Information Covered: posture and imbalance creates chronic tension and pain, movement of prana through the body, modify existing classes and practice realigning the body

Location: State of Grace Wellness, Uxbridge,MA


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