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Postural Re-Patterning with Victoria

Change your breath – change your life!

What would happen if more people were super mindful of their posture and breath in daily life and intuitively knew how to bring themselves back into balance at the blink of an eye? This is theoretically possible but the truth of the matter is we are living in a fast paced, tightly wound society that typically posture and breath are the last things on our mind!

Through a series of 1 on 1 sessions with me learn how your posture and muscular imbalances have created chronic tension and pain in the body. Through deep exploration of the root of the imbalance and learning how to activate the deep core while strengthening the muscles that are over stretched and stretching the muscles that are overworked we will unwind the myo-fascial system allowing the body to return to homeostasis and optimal balance.

This modality is based off of my Transformational Movement Therapy program which contains cutting edge information in regards to anatomy, fascia, posture and how they are affected by our movement and our stillness. I have been certifying and providing continuing education for yoga teachers and personal trainers for over 30 years. This program has been born out of my deep passion and quest for knowledge, paralleled with people’s desire to feel great.

* Overview of what people can expect to experience working with Victoria*
The practice addresses common postural conditions that are addressed including kyphosis, excessive lumbar lordosis, back and neck pain, SI conditions and more. The root of the problem comes from our lack of awareness of our posture; whether it be in the car, at the computer, texting or standing with a heavy a bag on one shoulder. Combining group classes and private or semi private sessions, each practice we will focus on moving the energy through the body via breath, looking at how muscles work in pairs. For example the majority of people who have tight hamstrings think they should stretch them.

Due to the high prevalence of a slouching posture (slouchasana) the majority of people who have tight hamstrings need to strengthen them and not stretch, as a result of slouchasana, our superficial backline fascia is over stretched. The most effective treatment for this is is to STRETCH the quadriceps (front of thighs) and hip flexors and STRENGTHEN the hamstrings and gluteus muscles. .

*Work with Victoria to:*
1. Identify what postural patterns are creating chronic pain and stress in the body.
2. Once these patterns are identified learn how to establish new postural patterns.
3. Learn how to incorporate basic strengthening/stretching exercises to reverse postural imbalances
4. Learn simple techniques on how to release and unravel tight fascia via ball rolling.
5. Understand and identify the fascial lines in the body and how they relate to movement, posture and sports.
6. Learn how to incorporate deep core strengthening to fully support the spine, pelvis and lower back during movement and stillness.


Let the Transformation begin!

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