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Are you looking for new and creative ways to attract students and clients to your biz? 


Are you looking to massively thrive not just barely survive?

Wanting to improve your bottom line while leading a life you love?

Do you want to be a Sacred Rebel and live adventurous, prosperous and free?

Then I think you’re in the right place!

I take it you are reading this right now because you could use a little assistance with your  marketing or business strategies. As an Entrepreneur myself who has been Managing and Directing passion and purpose driven businesses for over 25 years I have made all the mistakes for you. The good news is YOU don’t have to!  Even better news I have figured out the secrets to creating a super prosperous business. Just as your teachers and mentors assisted you in developing your skills as a teacher, trainer, coach or healer, I will guide you along your path of building a flourishing  business. My number one objective is to empower you along your journey, whether you are a Wellnesspreneur  looking to brand yourself, or a small business owner looking to build a successful center while attracting more students and clients. I truly believe that your  business and branding is 100% aligned with your passion for why you started doing what you are doing in the first place and that if you approach it this way, your business will grow by leaps and bounds. I would be honored to support you in this process as you build your passion inspired empire and look forward to serving you along the way.

I will guide you every step of the way through tried and proven ways to help you grow, attract and retain students and clients while increasing revenue from your purpose driven business with grace and ease.

♥ Why your mission/vision is so important in branding your business
♥ What key components an Entrepreneur or studio needs to thrive not just survive
♥ Why stepping outside the box will improve student retention
♥ How building community will grow your business
♥ How to attract students with very little paid advertising
♥ How to partner with local business for success
♥ Why mastering the art of niche marketing is so important
♥ How to use Social Media to expand your database
♥ How exceptional customer service can have your students working for you

Be Fierce, Adventurous and Free,


Let the Transformation begin!

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